Top Secrets Sakawa Boys are not telling about the source of their money

CHECK IT OUT-Top Secrets Sakawa Boys are not telling about the source of their money

One deviant act that has become a menace to society in Ghana is the surge of fraud boys known in local parlance as Sakawa.

Growing up, Sakawa was all about some boys chatting online with foreigners and if you are lucky and the lies are good you receive cash from those friends. It was the upgraded version of “Penpal” writing back in school.

Here, they lie about their se*x pretending to be women to their “clients”. Others too pretend to be poor with no hope and in an attempt to get money from their unfortunate friends abroad.

Now, Sakawa is not what it used to be. It is no more just mere luck that Ghanaians knew it to be. Sakawa is now a full-blown money ritual disguised as online scamming and that secret is what the rich Sakawa boys are not telling you. will take you through 6 top secrets Sakawa boys are not telling you about the real source of their money. There are some serious things they do that fetch them that huge amount of money that you see them throwing about carelessly.

1. Eating Human Faeces:
It will shock you to know that, many of the popular Sakawa boys in Ghana actually eat faeces to get the millions of dollars you see them splashing around. Yes, many really eat sh*t to make money as disgusting as it may sound to you.

Not long ago, a lady’s narration of how she caught her ex-boyfriend in a discussion with a companion who listened to him narrate his experience while eating the mixture which is believed to be one of the rites he needed to fulfill in a quest for money.

2. Stealing of used women panties:
It’s actually one of the famous methods known currently especially among the Nigerians. Many men have been caught with used women panties in recent times. Some have even been beaten for it but the trend keeps growing.

well, in case you didn’t know, these used panties are used for money rituals and the woman whose panties was stolen for the rituals suffers serious consequences. Meanwhile, the Sakawa boy will be enjoying.

3. Barking like a dog:
It will interest you to know that, not all the dogs you hear barking late at night are real dogs; some are able-bodied men and women. As part of their money rituals, some are made to bark like a dog.

Recently a video went viral of a Sakawa Boy captured barking like a dog while his friends watched and laughed at him. They kept shouting “Money has arrived Money has arrived Money has arrived”.

4. Submitting the breast and Vag*ina of women:
Some are made to kill and cut off the breast and vagina of women and submit to facilitate their ritual money process.
Those men end up killing their girlfriends, Slay Queens they take out for chilling and other times too strangers to get the materials required of them.

5. Cleaning a woman’s private part with a towel after she has been laid down with:
Some Sakawa Boys are required to clean the dampness from a lady’s va*gina after she has been laid down with. The material is then used in a ritual.

There is a great deal that could happen to any woman who falls casualty of this underhanded demonstration by the Sakawa Boys.

6. The killing of a beloved family member mostly Mother or Sister:
One of the most famous practices and long-held practices among ritual members is the killing of a beloved family member in the quest to get the money.

Mostly, the Parents more especially the mother as well as their siblings are requested to be killed by the Sakawa Boy before his wishes for money is granted.

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