The Ghanaian food, the top 10

The Ghanaian food, the top 10. Ghana is a country with different tribes, culture and religion. Food in Ghana is of different varieties with different aromas.

Most is food in Ghana almost relates to a particular tribe or clan, example is fufu for the Ashanti’s or the akans, waakye for the Northerners and kenkey for the Ga’s or the Fanti’s.

We took a street walk with our team and with discover the ten most popular foods made by the Ghanaian and guess what? we had some taste, wow! they were very delicious.

  1. Fufu and goat light soup
  2. Kenkey and fried fish
  3. Waakye
  4. Tuo Zaafi
  5. Kelewele
  6. Omo tuo
  7. Boiled yam or plantain with Kontomire stew
  8. Red-red
  9. Banku and tilapia
  10. Jollof rice

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