How to make a new blog and post appears in google search

How to make a new blog and post appears in google search. Starting new blog is very easy but what of how to make it appears in google index and other search engines is another way to go.

These are the steps to follow,

  1. Buy a domain. Simple and short domains are always best.
  2. Buy a good hosting. Hosting play good role in search engine optimization, so I would advice you make a research before you buy one and link to it to you domain.
  3. Select a good theme. There are a lot of light-weight themes available to buy and use.
  4. Install SEO plugins like yoast, rank maths etc.
  5. Submit your sitemap to the various seo platforms eg. google search console, Bing webmaster etc.
  6. Write a good and your own content. writing your own content will help you avoid copyright infringement.
  7. Post the content.

You have new blog and will be available to search engine soon.

Good luck family.

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